About Us

Animation MERCS is an established animation studio based in downtown Cairo, Egypt. with the aim of providing animation production and pre-production services for the media and entertainment industries or any other related fields. a dedicated team of well experienced animation professionals, hard working people with a unique creative vision and access to a large network of talented artists. an animation army up for hire.. hence the name: Animation Mercenaries "MERCS".

MERCS can fully produce and deliver any sort of animated content be it for broadcast episodic animated series, online informative motion graphics, commercial advertisement, music videos, Title sequences, Game animations.. etc. a full-service studio capable of taking up projects from point zero building it up through all the production process to the final delivery point.

MERCS can provide a range of pre-production creative services. including conceptual art, character design, storyboards, animatics, and background design. or even take up the whole pre-production stage helping animation production companies with our planning, research, and pre-visualization artistry.

MERCS methodology is approaching each project with the highest level of creativity, technology and personalized client services. carefully study tools, trends and styles used in animated products in global markets. but focus on creating a stylized product which has it's own identity and it's own value. dedicating more time for product research and planning and other pre-production activities while always try to evolve time saving tactics in the production process.

Focusing on delivering quality product in quality time. always strive for excellence, trying to surpass the client's expectations, while providing competitive prices.

If you'd like to learn more about us and what we do, then please feel free to contact us for further details.